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One of the most challenging aspects of divorce is that, legally, there is never just one, single matter to resolve between spouses. Even some of the most amicable spouses will learn that a surprising number of matters need to be resolved before dissolving their marriage to their partner. In doing so, unforeseen complications can arise and prevent either party from receiving the terms and assets they deserve.

At Ziegler & Resnick, we believe in a vigilant and exacting approach to divorce. Our dedicated team of Livingston divorce attorneys has decades of legal experience in this arena and are well-versed in navigating the many factors that can complicate and prolong this process. We're committed to ensuring our clients can divorce with dignity—which means swiftly securing them the favorable results that will allow them to move on with their life with confidence.

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Collaborative Divorce in New Jersey

A collaborative divorce offers parties a non-adversarial, team-oriented, structured alternative for resolution of even the most complex matrimonial dissolution, child custody, and parenting time matters. While collaborative divorce is not for everyone, for some, it is a wonderful alternative to the traditional means of litigation.

What is the Collaborative Divorce Process?

Unlike the traditional, Court-driven divorce process, the collaborative process is client-centered and offers a solutions-oriented means of resolving familial, parenting and financial related issues. All members of the parties’ “team” share the same end goal, which is to facilitate a dissolution process that will meet the unique goals and objectives of each family. Some unique aspects of the collaborative divorce process include:

  • Each party’s counsel must undergo strict and specialized training in order to be considered a collaboratively trained professional.
  • Other team members such as a mental health professional, coach, child specialist, forensic expert, or any combination thereof are included in the process.
  • Parties wishing to pursue the collaborative divorce process sign a Participation Agreement, which underscores that the collaborative process will end if either party files a Complaint for Divorce, or seeks to pursue traditional means of litigation.
  • However, should a party wish to terminate the collaborative process, neither individual is permitted to hire any lawyer, or law firm, that represented them in the collaborative process.

The philosophy behind collaborative divorce in New Jersey is to keep parties invested in the commitment they have made to resolve their matter outside the bounds of the Courtroom. As with all matters, there is a wide range of variables that influence the success of a collaborative process. As such, it is best to consult with a collaboratively trained professional to best assess the variables in your case.

Other Aspects of Divorce

At some firms, divorce cases are handed off to associate attorneys and quickly processed for the fastest resolution possible. At Ziegler & Resnick, this is not how we operate. We're a boutique firm with an experienced, award-winning team of legal advocates that partner with our clients to ensure they receive attentive, personalized counsel.

Our Livingston divorce lawyers are well versed in matters involving:

Whether you are preparing for a divorce or are already entangled in litigation you did not anticipate, our firm is ready to provide knowledgeable, assured stewardship to your case. Contact our Livingston team today to start speaking about your divorce case today.

Divorce FAQs

How Long Does It Take to Get a Divorce in New Jersey?

Each divorce is different and the length of each divorce will vary in New Jersey. If the divorce is uncontested, then it will be much more straightforward and will not take very long. It could take as little as 6-8 weeks, but 3-4 months is more likely. A contested divorce could take several months due to the multiple court appearances required and the time it takes to sort out the various issues. In general, New Jersey law requires that a divorce be finalized within 12 months.

Who Pays for Divorce in New Jersey?

Each party can use marital funds to pay for the divorce, and if these are insufficient, the court might order them to sell or mortgage their assets to come up with the necessary funds.

Additionally, it is possible for one party to request that the other party pays the legal fees. The court might order this if there is a substantial difference in income between the parties.

How Much Does Divorce Cost in New Jersey?

Since each divorce case is different, the cost will also vary depending on the fees and legal expenses. However, the cost to file for divorce in New Jersey is $300. There’s an additional $25 fee to take a parent education class if child support, child custody, and child visitation will be issues in the divorce.

How Long After Divorce Can You Remarry in New Jersey?

You can remarry as soon as your divorce is finalized in New Jersey. Keep in mind that if you remarry before the divorce is finalized, then your marriage will not be valid. The divorce is official once the judge signs the final judgment.

Our divorce attorneys are ready to start exploring your options and pursuing your goals. Request a consultation with us now.

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